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At Car Junkers we have 10 years of experience with cars for junk.

We take care of receiving your vehicle, no matter what condition it’s in, and we give you cash for your junk car. If you have problems moving it because it does not work anymore, we can go and pick it up and take it out of your hands in a simple way.

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We are a family business that has been operating for a decade, and that knows how to deal with all kinds of situations related to old cars and scrap.

Explore this page to know more about us and benefit from the offers we have. In fact, we will give you 20 dollars over the purchase price of your car if you mention that you have seen this website. And 10 dollars more if you give us a like on our Facebook page (include the link). In giving money for an old car, nobody beats us.

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We have already served hundreds of clients. This is what some of them have said about us:

"I was looking for a place to sell my car. Everyone offered me very little money, but I knew that my car had a better value. When I called Embert, he came to check the car, saw it and gave me a much better price for the car. He gave me cash immediately. It was very quick and I was pleased with the service. "

Francis Villa.

"I wanted to sell my car as scrap, since the engine was used. When I called Cars Junkers, they told me that my car still had good value in the market, to not sell it for scrap metal. They offered me more than I asked for. Embert was pretty honest. "

Brenda Gonzalez.

"I needed the money fast. I called Car Junkers, they came to my house in less than 10 minutes with the cash in hand. Really a quick service. "

Karla Cañas.